About Qigong

Qigong is an ancient self healing art that combines movement, breathing techniques, and meditation. Its origins are from China, where it is practiced daily by millions of people. Qigong is a type of internal exercise that fosters wisdom, longevity, well-being, and harmonious living. It is also a philosophy of life that is rooted in Taoism, Buddhism, and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Qigong's goal is to become aware of and cultivate one's own qi or internal energy. Daily practice can bring about powerful self healing and transformation. Some symptoms that can benefit from qigong include stress, anxiety, insomnia, pain, fatigue, hypertension, digestive disorders, and loss of balance.

I teach the forms "One Thousand Hands Buddha Qigong", "6 Sound Therapy Qigong", "8 Treasures Qigong", and "Hui Gong Qigong for the Heart". I have studied with Master Liu He for two years at the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine and has been practicing on my own for the past fifteen years. I continue to further my self cultivation and teacher training at the Ling Gui International Healing Qigong School.

To find out more about qigong and my teachers please visit www.linggui.org


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